Who We Are

The Edelweiss estate of Piumatto Livio specialized in flower and nursery cultivation produces mountain flowers and plants in its nurseries.

It has specialized in the growing of Edelweiss in particular, plants which in their natural state risk extinction in certain areas.
The main cause being due to the indiscriminate picking of the flower which is considered a highly prized Alpine souvenir.
The company is particularly sensitive to environmental problems, and therefore offers the Edelweiss for sale in pots, thereby giving the consumers the possibility of enjoying them in their gardens without having to go looking for them in their natural habitat, thereby helping to conserve it.

Edelweiss grows at altitudes of over 1800 metres, however our cultivated types are cultivated on the plains and are perfectly acclimatized.

Another highly prized cultivated product are the mountain Sempervivum (houseleek), which are available in various varieties, and which are particularly suited to your rock gardens, flowerbeds or borders.

This unique company has received wide acclaim, and intends to continue its ecology-friendly policy in order to protect the natural environment and to safeguard its precious botanical heritage.

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